Thursday, November 8, 2007

A day in the Life : My Introduction

Hi! Meridith, here! Last Night after my acting Class I ran into a Magazine store called Campus News and it contained every single magazine known to man. I fell in love with everything I touched (and found my new mag spot). As I picked and pulled, I realized that the fire burning inside me was urging to talk about all the things that made me smile without thinking twice. I realized that I wanted to talk - and had a lot to say - and there is no harm in yapping away because you can, the worst thing that will happen is you don't have an audience (but that never really matters when I'm my own best company- lol). From this blog all will learn about me, what I love, like a little, dislike, dream of, admire, and all other things that make me smile, frown, laugh, laugh hard, cry (well tear), angry and concerned. I am a determined little cookie who dreams big and tries to live out those visions, I am a spontaneous day dreamer who can cook up my next best move on the spot. I am in love with my family and friends, our little chloe' and God. I try to reinvent myself, frame of mind and the world. I believe that all things can be done if you have faith and confidence in God and then yourself. As a little old lady once said to me "He is all you will ever need..." Please me believe she is right - This blog is about me - and all that encompasses my world of Creative Collectivity.

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