Friday, November 30, 2007

Ladies of Elegance...

To be a black starlet is challenging and each one of these ladies pull it off with such grace. Each has been in the game for over a decade and still hold a presence that is captivating. To me, each lady is of her own identity and are very different the other. They show that there can be several roles and opportunities not only in tv and film but life itself. I appreciate that these 3 match the cocoa complexion that reflects in my mirror too! From reading the article of these three friends I learned alot about the career that I have chosen for myself. When people are asked to name their favorite black actress, I don't think that anyone would be first to jump to the ladies above, but no would ever take away the credit of their talent. They each have their own sense of success and are at peace with the decisions they have made throughout their career. I realize the truth about doing the work for the passion and not for the role, and I can only pray that one day I can live up to my potential and maintain the amount of success that these 3 women have achieved combined and so much more.

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