Thursday, January 10, 2008

Poor Tyra....

So I'm reading the Daily News today and come a across a quote that saddened me, and confirmed once again that regardless of what occupation of choice (a wonderfully talented and adored starlet) that I obtain, that my family in which I create comes first. I want to be married, have a house (doesn't have to be huge but large enough), and my little team of children to call my own. Tyra Banks is featured in the Feb issue of Essence (which I will be coping today) and is quoted as saying "I'd go to work and women would be crying in my arms...but then I'd go home and put my key in my door and....nothing. No friends, no husband, no children. I feel so full when I'm at work but so empty when I come home." I would be devastated, which she sounds, if this were me. This has to suck. She is one successful lady but this proves (like I say ALL the time) that no matter what or how much you have, it don't mean sh*t if you have no one to share it with.

P.S. Miss Tyra I'll gladly be your friend, adopted niece, child (you are old enough to be my momma) or anything else you need - I mean you are in my city now.... XOXO

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