Thursday, January 24, 2008

Throwback Thursday: House Party Dance Scene

This is a classic scene from the original House Party. I remember being about 8 years old watching the reruns on TBS, feeling like I cannot wait til I get to High School so I can go to all the hottest parties with my favorite folks. I could just imagine cutting up with my many best friends at the time (You know how you have like 8 best friends when you are in elementary school lol) I used to practice the dance with my sister but could never get the whole thing. As I got older this dance scene seemed to be ingrained in all our minds as Tomar and Anthony busted out the moves one day after-school in 7th Grade right outside of the school doors on the hill leading to section 3. Yet and still if there is enough room and we are feeling good enough me and my girls will break it down like we were the originators of the moves in 1990 at the age of 17. LOL - Please peep how AJ Johnson (Jody's Mama from Baby Boy) still looks the same. OOoOOoo I can't wait to do my thing!!


Inspired by One of My Best Girls : Miss Philly (Check Her Out)

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