Friday, February 1, 2008

Jaiden is "The Cure" for R&B

My boy Jaiden "the Cure" as he has self-proclaimed is such a talented singer and songwriter. Right now he is under the radar, but has been in the game for quite sometime. Unfortunately this is how the most talented are treated - are never really be put on put on like the superstars they are, but its coming trust, time, talent and plenty patience will pay off. Jaiden def has had some cool opportunities, from being signed to Motown Records to touring with the Big Homie Young H.O. on his last stint, promoting American Gangster (i think I'm still salty about that but, anyway), that's lets you know that someone in the right place loves this boy. The best part for me at the moment is when someone as big as Jigga realized that HE was in the presence of TRUE talent as he lets Jaiden do his thing during the "Party Life" Set. Check him out - Homeboy gets it in.

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