Friday, November 9, 2007

Album Review: Chris Breezy's Exclusive

Overall I like the Album - I am avid Chris Brown fan - LOVED his self titled debut - He shows growth in an "I'm not a kid anymore" kind of way. He of course still appeals to the younger crowd but is still able to get his grown and sexy on with big dog comparisons to like of Usher. After each listen I like Exclusive more and more. So its one of those albums that aren't an immediate "O THIS IS HOT" (well not to me) but I do like it and can see myself bouncing to the songs singing along in concert or show in love with this little star.

My Synopsis: The Tracks fall into a story line - he has his girl, adores her then mucks it up like most boys stuck in the crazy world of grabby grabby chicks and ultimately moves on lol. Some fav tracks include Take You Down (lil chris is now grown chris), With You (first hated now love - so catchy and words remind me of HS love), You and Damage (tell a story 2gether - cause and effect type stuff) and I'll call you...O yea and Down with Kanyeezy (the next single)

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