Friday, November 9, 2007

Tha Big Homie : Jay

Maaaaannn Jay is the sh*t. You can't help but to love him. Last night I got a taste of what I am to look forward to this upcoming Sunday at Hammerstein. His swagger is just that swagger, and that flow - Its so undeniable dude even starts to feel himself while performing American Dreaming. He's a little comedian too, making little jokes and what not - OoOOooOo I love jay and every time I get sick of him retiring and coming back - I realize its best that he's here with us where he belongs, on tour, TV and radio - aye gotta love jay - In case u were one to miss it - Check out Jay-Z StoryTellers

Here is the ROC BOYS

I couldn't help myself but I had to post this too...All I have to say is that I wish the 40/40 was this poppin anytime I've ever been - and since Its not and never has been - I think I'll still stay away from it lol - But Cassie is really out doing Miss Mimi, Bleek and them are back, ROSS is in there and the little homie from The Wire is in there too - looking like a little Jay hmmm could he be a nephew???

....and jay on his comedic sh*t on letterman last week...

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