Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Beyond Words: Please Sweat the Technique!!

I love going the Bookstore (Barnes & Noble - especially) because it is the epitome of the melting pot of the WORLD - you can find every and anything when surrounded by books - AND you can take them home and KEEP 'em without a silly fine! On monday I ran into the bookstore to cop a DVD and ran into BORN IN THE BRONX and thought ME TOO!!! LOL - but the turntables and black and white cover is what attracted me - it screamed HIP HOP LESSON!!! I was HYPE! YESS!!!!! another book to indulge, experience and learn about all the wonderful things that were in existence cleary before I was even thought of and could remember. If its 5000 pages of words or 250 pictures compiled together I appreciate that someone took out the time to show ME my musical history - I can't know where I'm going 'til I know where I'm from!

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