Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Public Service Announcement: SoOo there ARE beaches in Chicago...

...but who cares. I am talking to my homegirl and she reminds me that there is always someone to perpetuate the vicious cycle of n*ggas ain't sh*t!!! I had once upon a time had a strong disliking for the male species then realized well maybe they aren't so bad - but always and forever there is someone to prove me wrong. My dude, her dude, and even people who I don't even know have discouraging stories. There are people whose lives are virtually ruined by things that are going on because of a dude. I'm sure there are females out there who have f*cked up a couple heads but it seems like dudes run around and do damage knowingly and could give two sh*ts.

You have the case of the not the boyfriend or husband but the homie/lover/friend - where things for a lady may be blurry and she is always confused about what to do and what not to do. Normal women - well in the case of me and my people - tend to find that person, that one person that makes you melt and even though he may be trash - stick to it just because. Just because that's what we do. Why deal with all these people that you could care less about - when the one you want is in front of your face? Or so you think -

The one person that you think is a prize possession can be the rotten apple with a worm waiting to poke its head out - literally - He may be that person that -little do you know- can't keep his "head" to just you and him. He insist on doing him - keeping his secrets - making babies, spreading grossness, and lying. Its the best when you have a liar on your hands and knows he's lying - you've got the gut feeling but no proof in the pudding - but I aint boo boo the fool, babe. I'll sniff you out til the truth comes to pass or I find something that incriminates you and my soul. Woman can be vicious and men can be worst, I mean - MEN ARE THE NEW WOMEN, haven't you heard. Nowadays women don't give a f*ck and men are being bitches but there are some of us who are still traditional gals at heart.

So guys, please think about those other than yourself - hide your condoms, period, point, blank - whoever your are giving the business to, regardless of what they say or you think - knows what you are using with them and if you tell them that they are the "only one", until proven otherwise they will always think there is someone else. AND if there is someone else - THROW THE DAMN WRAPPERS IN THE TRASH - besides that being nasty, you are putting yourself out there for verbal execution. If you don't want to deal with that don't do it or do it better. Shit stings when it happens but let her find out afterwards when you are gone or away - please believe it will be worst. You may not even know why you got attitude, cursed out for dumb shit or the VM- but she will never forget and sooner or later you will know.

And my dear ladies, if you can- think like a dude and get him before he gets you. Or just leave them alone for a while. Maybe you need to regroup and maybe, just maybe your knight and shining armor may come your way - and if not hopefully a cutie will be able to be blessed by your presence. I mean I'm over crying over dudes and being ho-hum about situations I can no longer control. I say let go and let god. Yes deep down inside me I am probably still hurting from a few things and that person still makes me feel as though they are lower than hell itself, but to keep my sanity I must believe that there is someone normal who has all that I need out there in the random abyss of the e-world and allows me to believe the Peaches from Georgia are O so Sweet - we shall see.

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will toronto canada said...

I cant agree with everything you say, but as a guy I can tell you, dont just stick with them because "thats what you do." MM dont give up hope, there are alot of NORMAL guys out there just like yourself. Sometimes in life you have to go through the battles before you find the right one, this way we are able to appreciate. By the way, if you never were hurt'n you wouldnt be Normal.

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