Monday, November 12, 2007

The Black Family on Film....

Although I can't believe all the christmas commercials and decor springing up everywhere already, I cannot wait for This Christmas to come out in theaters, Nov. 21. I am absolutely in love and can't wait to be apart of black cinema. The cast is a full of vets in the game as it is newbies. From our favorite pop figure Delroy Lindo, super talented Regina King and the boisterous Loretta Devine to the "New New" it chick Lauren London, the English beaut Idris Elba, and the little homie Chris Brown. I am soOoOOo excited for this film not only for its wonderfuly talented cast but simply because its another quirky way to show how the black family is just as normal and dysfunctional as the next. From the previews the film seems very fun and relatable. I'm excited to make this a pre-thanksgiving date with the fam.

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