Monday, November 12, 2007

Actors Corner: Where Tasha Meets Donna

The feisty Tasha Smith will be playing the lovely Donna Summer in a biopic based on her life. Most may know Tasha from her role as Monty's "true to the game" Ex-Wife in Daddy's Little Girls, the a** whooping mama of the thieving twins of ATL or the rambunctious drinking wife of Why Did I Get Married? either way Ms. Tasha always give you a performance you will not forget. So now that she's up to play Donna Summer who is known for her hits "Last Dance" and "On the Radio" - she also played Steve Urkel's Aunt Una from Altoona on the hit show Family Matters, which is where I discovered this 70's diva - I feel the film will be a a dramaful type cast or a groundbreaking performance for Tasha. Either way I look forward to learning more about Ms. Summer's life and seeing the motion picture.

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