Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In the midst of it all...

Here is a clip of Clifford "TIP" Harris reaching out to his fans, family and peers - who are not near him, can't speak to him or can't pass a background check -

Dear T.I.P,

I love you but you are disappointing me the more and more you speak out. I understand that you stand by the fact that you are innocent on those crazy charges of attempting to purchase machine guns and silencers to go with but what are we -the people- really to believe. You say that we shouldn't believe everything in the media and newspapers - true - but what were you thinking when you walked up to the guns and were looking to buy? Even if you weren't looking to buy, why were you in such company anyway? If you know you are a hot target and the hip hop police are after you, why wouldn't you steer clear of all the things that could shine a negative light on you? I've watched you speak out on various important issues and know that you are a very intelligent man. I do hope that you rise above these pending charges - and give up the life of an American Gangster as everyone so eloquently puts it.

Miss Merry

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