Thursday, February 7, 2008

As we all know we have had one SUPER TUESDAY this week and sir Barack Obama is up by only 4 delegates. YES!!!! but anyway I'm not saying who you should vote for in the least (the pic says it all - lol) but either way Hil or Obami here will do - cuz that means change is coming - well at least soon - hopefully...anyway for all those who have not or choose not to vote during the primaries - i won't say shame on you now, because you may still be torn between the two and/or haven't a clue, so try and pay attention to the debates, speeches, etc to catch up. YouTube is full of all the video you need to understand and compare (everyone and may explain why they are no longer in the running) - if thats not enough - check CNN, MSNBC and any other politically driven website/network. So please make sure you are registered in time to vote during the primaries if that is what you choose to do, but especially for that November election and make a choice that just may be one vote to change your life. VOTE OR DIE!!!!

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