Friday, February 1, 2008

Black History Month....

Begins today. Februray 1 of each year marks the beginning of the shortest month as well as the month of celebration of African-American history and culture. Needless to say - i feel that it a conspiracy that we as Black people get the shortest month and everyone else gets 31 days but I digress. Although this blog is about me, my feelings, live, and love I want to (at least try) and incorporate fun (or not so fun - if its true) facts about the history, present and future of my people. For Black History Month, I will post a new fact everyday about a person, place or thing that will mean something to Black people across the world, whether they no it or not, I will especially be posting things that hold relevance to me. So I hope you enjoy my "Black Facts" (I gotta think of something a little more clever -lol)

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